How to Transition your Toddler from a Cot to the Bed

Is your toddler showing signs that he or she has outgrown their cot? Perhaps they have learned to scale the sides and are attempting to climb out. They may even have already achieved this feat.

The transition from a cot to bed is important for your child’s safety. Most toddlers are ready for the move from 18 months. Any change can disrupt a young child’s routine. Choosing the right bed for your toddler will make the transition much easier and less stressful. It will aid the bedtime routine and help everyone get a good night’s sleep. You can get your toddler used to the idea by enthusiastically talking about it at least a week in advance. Is it time? Rosa Hand Painted Modern Cot Bed Every child is different. Some transition from a cot to a bed at 18 months and some much later. Experts recommend a toddler’s first bed should be placed where the cot was. The sense of familiarity from being in the same room will reassure your little one. You can add to the continuity by using the old bedding until your little one is settled into a routine. Invest in a bed guard, because toddlers often fall out of bed when they first make the transition. You may also want to consider childproofing the room to prevent mishaps. You might be in the position of needing the nursery for a coming sibling and therefore need to move your toddler into their own room.

Knowing how to make the switch and ensure your toddler feels safe and secure is what matters. We recommend that you do this earlier rather than later so that he or she does not feel like the baby’s kicking them out :-).

Talk to him about his own maturity and readiness to move into a ‘big boy room’ as opposed to saying the new baby needs the nursery. Involve your toddler in the process Toddler Transition Bed It is a good idea to involve your toddler in the transition. Take them with you when you choose a bed and take note of his or her preferences. Buying a bed that appeals to your child will make them more willing to use it. You can add to the appeal by personalising the bed.

Consider a bespoke option that includes their name, a theme, incorporated play area or painted pictures. If you are moving them into a new room, get them to help choose wallpaper and characters that will form the theme of the nursery. We have some beautiful personalised children's bedding that they might love. Remember that children’s tastes change as they mature so keep this in mind if they are going through a fad that you suspect won’t last long.

Popular trends and ideas for boys’ rooms include transportation, dinosaurs and space themes. Girls are currently loving unicorns, animals and butterflies- and they don’t have to be pink!  These trends can be incorporated through art, murals, linens and cushions. Make the first bed experience exciting High-sleeper Bed If your child has an older sibling, you may want to consider investing in a bunk bed and allocate the lower deck to your youngest. Another option is a mid sleeper bed that incorporates a play area - perfect for an older toddler. Choose a fun nightlight that can be left on through the night. Make sure it has an LED bulb to keep it safe as standard bulbs can get hot. Choosing a toddler bed Castle Bunk Bed

A child’s first bed can add a stunning touch of style to a room. Just because it is practical doesn’t mean it has to be bland. Well-designed toddler beds can fire the imagination and complement your interior design. If you want a bed with a high-end finish, consider investing in a hand-crafted piece of furniture that is made with your toddler and decor in mind.

A transition toddler bed is an ideal bed for toddlers moving out of the cot but not quite ready for a ‘big bed’. It is lower than a standard single bed and comes with removable side rails. This ensures that while your toddler sleeps, you can rest assured that they are safe in their bed. The Toddler Transition Bed is crafted from hardwood and finished in child-safe paints. It comes with an optional guest bed which is sturdy enough for an adult to sleep on making it a great addition for those nights when your toddler needs extra cuddles.  The best part about this bed is that it lasts well beyond the toddler years.

From luxurious four-poster and castle beds to delightful hand-painted single beds, you will find a full range of outstanding, high-end choices at The Baby Cot Shop. Located in King’s Road, Chelsea, it is the perfect place to shop if you are planning your toddler’s all-important transition from a cot to a bed. Also offered is an interior design service for babies and children’s spaces. Don’t live in London? No problem. The Baby Cot Shop’s luxury bespoke toddler beds can be ordered online.

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