Trotters Guide to Caring for your Child's Feet

Caring for your child's feet

Growing Feet

  • It is important to remember that children's feet are made up of soft gristle and cartilage, which takes up to 18 years to harden into 28 bones, making up the adult foot.
  • Children's feet are plumper and softer than adult feet. They are also square at the toes and narrow at the heel.
  • Children may not always feel if a shoe is too tight as the nerves in their feet are buried very deep.

Choosing the right shoe

  • Your child will need its first pair of shoes when he or she can confidently walk unaided.
  • Every foot is different, so in our stores we make sure that both feet are measured for length and width. You can see the best way to fit at home by >watching our video.
  • To fit well, a child's shoe should have growing space around the toes, a snug fit around the heel and be adjustable on the instep.
  • First shoes should offer gentle support and not be restrictive. They should have flexible soles.
  • Small children should have their shoes checked by a professional shoe fitter every 6-8 weeks. As they grow older, their feet may be checked every three months. Or, if it's more convenient for you, you can watch our specially developed 'Measure at Home' video.

1/4 of ALL children are wearing the wrong shoe size! - Read more about it on our Blog >