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Whether it’s the food we eat, the furniture we buy or the clothes we wear, we think that it’s important to know where our goods come from and who made them. Trotters believe in an open, honest policy which is why we as a company would like to be totally transparent with you, our customers.


It is becoming more and more common these days for larger companies to outsource their manufacturing processes further afield in order to reduce costs to both themselves and the end consumer. Unfortunately, this often comes with a different type of cost, mainly to the environment, health and safety and those who are employed for minimal wage.


As you may or may not already know, we are proud to say that we design the majority of our children's clothing collection in-house. It is crucial to our design teams that the factories that we work with so closely to manufacture and ship these collections are not only reliable but also operate at the highest environmental and working standards. In addition to this, the design process is very hands-on which is why we produce almost all of our kid's clothing ranges in Portugal. This means that our teams can easily visit the factories on a regular basis to check on the production first hand and make sure that they are up to our exacting standards.

Trotters Heritage Scalloped Coat

We hope that you’ll be happy to know that it’s not just our clothing that is made in Europe. In actual fact, we’ve put together a quick breakdown for you… Our clothing is primarily made in Portugal. (Our Hand Smocked Dresses are made in Madagascar.) Our knitted kid's hats, scarves, and gloves are also from Portugal. We source our hosiery from Barcelona. Hampton Canvas Shoes are from Spain while our Hampton Classics Leather School Shoes are made in Portugal with leather sourced from Italy. On top of this, many of our toy ranges are from France.


Now, when you purchase from Trotters Kid's Clothing Stores we hope you’ll be proud to know that your clothing came from factories based locally in Europe with no compromise to quality, the environment or fair labour laws. As a company, we have the power to make the right decisions but it is you, the customer who holds the power to make these changes more widespread so don’t forget to ask yourself #whomademyclothes

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