Mother’s Day

This will be my third Mother’s Day. I still remember my first very clearly, sitting, permanently parked on the sofa with my cluster feeding newborn. I was feeling slightly like a fraud, I had only just joined this life-long club of motherhood, still in the disbelief that I was actually a mother, after such a long journey to get here, yet I’d hardly done the hard yards. Even though Mother’s Day is celebrated on a different day in New Zealand, I then started thinking about my Mother and Mother-in-law, both of whom recently had lost their mothers.


Suddenly, this day had a whole new meaning to me, not just because I had become a mother myself, but because I had started to look at not just my Mother, but all the women in my life in a different way, our Mums, our Grandmothers, our sisters and friends, the people who don’t have their Mothers anymore, the Dads who are playing the roles of both Mother and Father and the women who want nothing more than to be a mum but for one reason or another are not.


I’m happy to say that I no longer feel like a fraud, I want this day, I deserve this day. I have had my sleepless nights, I still have my sleepless nights. I have put in the work feeding, weaning, introducing and wearing the food that I offer my toddler. I have experienced bedtime battles, tantrums and the weirdest conversations that can only come from a 2-year-old who is trying to figure out this world and his place in it. I have also experienced the overwhelming, unconditional love, cuddles and kisses, and joy and pride like no other. But, I will also be celebrating the woman in my life and their incredible journey’s, from my own Mum all the way through to you, the people I chat to on Instagram and Facebook.


Happy Mother’s Day #TrottersMums.

X Amy


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