1/4 of all children are wearing the wrong shoe size but NOT at Trotters!

The importance of having properly-fitted footwear applies no matter what your age but is never so vital as when you’re young. A press release published by The College of Podiatry stated that “a staggering 29% of British children could be wearing shoes which are completely the wrong size” and ultimately damaging their feet. Children's footwear is specifically designed for growing feet.

We’ve all been there.…blisters, rubbing, bruises and calluses, all of which are caused by wearing either the wrong size or the wrong type of shoe. While these symptoms are a literal pain in the short term, they also act as a warning sign of potential long-term issues which can affect the overall development of the foot and result in musculoskeletal issues in the future.

The easiest way to avoid falling into this trap is by getting your child’s foot professionally measured on a regular basis – a service which is available in all of our Trotters Childrenswear stores. We consider excellent shoe fitting one of our main priorities and our staff are meticulously trained to fit your child’s foot to the correct shoes with our shoe size gauge.

It is important to remember that children’s feet are made up of soft gristle and cartilage which takes up to 18 years to harden into the 28 bones which make up the adult foot. In addition to this, children may not always be able to feel or be aware that a shoe is too tight which is why proper foot measurement is so essential – it’s the only way to guarantee a good fit!

How Do You Chose The Right Children's Shoes?

Your child will need their first pair of shoes when they can confidently walk unaided. Every foot is different so at Trotters, we make sure to measure both the length and width. A good fit should have growing space around the toes, a snug fit around the heel and be adjustable on the instep. First shoes should offer gentle support, not be restrictive and have a flexible sole.

It is recommended that children aged 1-3 years old should have their foot measured every 6-8 weeks while older children should be measured approximately every 3-4 months. We understand that going to get your child’s foot measured regularly isn’t always convenient which is why we’ve created a series of videos to demonstrate how you can measure their foot at home.

View our Full Guide here 

Using the Start-Rite shoe gauge and following our handy tutorial, you can guarantee that you have an up-to-date, accurate measurement of your child’s foot every time and as a result make sure that they’re wearing the correct size and type of footwear throughout every stage of their life.

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