Autumn Adventures

With conkers to collect, a fresh chill in the air and pumpkin-spiced everything at your disposal, who doesn’t love Autumn!? As we embrace the changing of the seasons, there's nothing better than wrapping up warm in Autumn clothes for kids and enjoying all that nature has to offer. Slip-on your wellies, pop on your coat and listen to the crunch of newly fallen leaves underfoot as you get out and explore everything that Autumn has to offer.

If you are looking for fun activities to do during your weekend family outings, or perhaps over the half-term holidays, join us for a countdown of our favourite Autumn Activities!

Trotters Childrenswear Autumn 2021 Collection



  1. Build a Den: Pack an old picnic blanket or tarpaulin and drape it over a fallen tree or sturdy-looking branch. Better yet, why not forage for your own collection of fallen branches and twigs and assemble them into a tee pee or find a Weeping tree to claim as your next hideout. A favourite of ours is the Weeping Beech tree. Your new den makes the perfect place for a mid-walk snack or base to count up and examine your woodland collections – Who has the biggest conker? What mini beasts can you find in the fallen leaves?


  1. Colour Hunt: The colours of Autumn are truly the best sight! Why not go on a colour hunt and collect fallen leaves in hues of reds, yellows, greens and gold?


  1. Scavenger Hunt: Download our scavenger hunt sheet and keep an eye out for what you can find 


  1. Rubbing Leaves / Pressed Flowers: After your colour hunt, why not make some leaf rubbings? Leaves come in many different shapes and sizes. Once you’ve collected a few, discuss the differences between them & what tree you think they came from. Then lay your collected leaves on a table with the veins facing up, lay a piece of paper over top and using the side of a crayon, rub over and watch as an imprint of your leaves magically appear.


  1. Forage for Wild Food: Autumn is the perfect time for picking seasonal staples such as apples, blackberries, raspberries and nuts so why no get out and start foraging? Don’t forget to make sure that your foraged finds are edible and safe to eat before consuming. Click here for a great guide about foraging from The National Trust


  1. Making Collages & Cards: Once you’ve gathered your collection of leaves, and quite likely made some more exciting discoveries, bring them home and get crafting! Pull out some glue, pieces of card, and for a bit more fun, add some googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms to create fun woodland friends. Then you can turn them into cards to send to your family & friends.
Trotters Childrenswear Autumn 2021 Collection



  1. Jump in Leaves: That’s right, you read that right! Young and old, slip on those boots and go crazy in the leaves!

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