How To Measure Children's Feet At Home

Learn how to measure feet at home

How To Measure Your Kid's Feet

Here at Trotters, we pride ourselves on our expert shoe fitting service. However, during these challenging times, we have put together a quick and easy guide to help you learn how to measure your children's feet at home. It's really quite simple and is a good skill to have.

Download our handy guide right here. It details all the steps you need to take to easily measure children's feet, which will then help you determine what size shoe you need to buy for them. We've also put together a video for you to watch so that you can confidently and capably measure your kid's feet and make sure they have the right-sized shoes at all times.

Once you’ve recorded your child’s shoe size you can then continue to purchase their shoes as usual from our online shoe selection.

How To Measure Children's Feet
how to measure kid's feet
Learn how to measure children's feet at home

Expert Shoe Fitting

In store, our staff are meticulously trained to measure children's feet and fit them to the correct shoes. To continue our expertise online; watch our ‘How To Measure at Home’ video below. If you are still unsure, do feel free to contact our friendly customer service team via email or on our Live Chat service for advice and we will be more than happy to help you.

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Learn how to measure feet at home