Tender Leaf Toys New Arrivals

Tender Leaf Toys create award-winning and beautifully crafted wooden toys for kids, designed right here in the UK.
With a strong focus on physical, social and creative development as well as imaginative play for the inquiring minds of our children, their toys and gifts are designed to be treasured and passed down to future generations.
Holding the highest ethical standards of manufacture for all their products, Tender Leaf Toys are deeply committed to protecting Indonesia’s natural resources and only work with reclaimed rubberwood, a by-product of the latex industry. In addition to this, for every reclaimed tree used, they plant a new one, driving ahead the cycle of regeneration. Together with their manufacturing team, Mentari, Tender Leaf Toys have been awarded the ICTI Ethical Toy Program seal of approval for their ethical and sustainable supply chain. 

As we were so happy with the results from our last round of product testing, we've once again handed over the review duties to our littlest and most important critics. Keep reading to hear what they thought about these wooden toys.

Isabelle and Archie Review the Le Tender Leaf Toys Tic Tac Toe Game


Tricia with Isabelle & Archie (5 years)  - Tender Leaf Toys Tic Tac Toe Game

We received this toy today and the kids were so happy to have a parcel arrive for them! They loved playing this game - it’s a classic and I think this would be ideal for any age as we joined in and played with them too. It’s great that it comes with a bag to store it in after and the fact that it is made from wood is great, as it will last for years to come. Their teachers send us tasks as part of homeschooling to improve their fine motor skills so this is great to help with that!



Karla & William (2 years)  - Tender Leaf Toys Garden Patch Puzzle

William absolutely loves this wooden Garden Patch Puzzle. Not only is this product amazing quality, eco-friendly, and a beautiful design, but it really aids with his fine motor skills. William enjoys recreating the shapes on the board as well as using the wooden shapes to build towers and new scenes to play with. He can identity colours and nature from the objects for imaginative play providing hours of fun.

William Reviews the Tender Leaf Toys Garden Patch Puzzle


Sofia Reviews the Tender Leaf Toys Flowerbed


Elaine & Sofia (4 years)  - Tender Leaf Toys Flower Bed

Sofia was very excited to receive her parcel with Tender Leaf Toys inside. Our garden is made up mainly of patio with a few potted plants and unfortunately, the plants which Sofia has tried to grow have been eaten by the local squirrels or dug up by our own dogs! This was a great toy for Sofia to use her imagination. She enjoyed talking to the flowers whilst watering them and positioning the flowers via size, ‘as they would grow in the garden, mummy’

This is a lovely toy if your child is learning about how things grow and also about what creatures visit your garden/flowers. Sofia and I spoke a lot about what animals might visit her wooden plants with her favourite being the Bees to collect pollen and Ladybirds.


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