Le Toy Van New Arrivals

We are continuously reviewing and expanding our toy range and the first brand on the list of new arrivals is Le Toy Van sustainable toys. Like us, Le Toy Van are a small, family-run company who are passionate about role play. Going on 25 years old, everything they make is designed right here in London with a little touch of French je ne sais quoi. Ethically made from sustainable materials such as Rubberwood and Plywood, these uniquely designed and hand-finished toys are created to last for generations.

Excited about what our littlest and most important critics thought of our new arrivals? Keep reading to find out!

Sofia Reviews the Le Toy Van Carlo's Gelato Stand


Jo & Sofia (3 years)  - Carlo's Gelato Stand

Sofia was thrilled when we received the parcel from Trotters! She loves role play and thoroughly enjoyed serving up pretend gelato to us all weekend!

We also saw it as a great opportunity to introduce the topics of shopping and paying for goods - she already seems to be charging London prices!

This set is made from solid wood and has a really premium feel to it. As is to be expected, it's already taken quite a few knocks in the short time we've had it and still looks brand new - we'll definitely be investing in some more Le Toy Van toys soon!



Lucy & Arlo (2.5 years)  - Rainbow Tunnels

Arlo is very into his colours at the moment so enjoyed telling me the colour of each section. He then decided he wanted to get a car and use them as bridges /tunnels which he really enjoyed and continued to play with it for quite a while.

It's a beautifully made toy that would look lovely in a nursery too. 

The box states 1-2 years +, but I would have said it was aimed at the 1-year-old more than the 2+

Arlo Reviews the Le Toy Van Rainbow Tunnel


Klaudia and her Daughter Reviews the Le Toy Van Stacking Garden


Klaudia her Daughter - My Stacking Garden

We love this Stacking Garden from Le Toy Van! My daughter was excited when it arrived because she loves nature and animals.

She is very happy stacking the pieces on and off and counting “1,2,3”. She has also learned how to say “snail” and “tree” thanks to this toy!

It's is a very cute and colourful wooden toy and yet, doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals nor are there any sharp edges to worry about.



Lucy & Zack (5 years) - Memory Game

We received our toy today and Zack was so excited when I said the Trotters package was for him! He was a little worried that the game was for ages 1-2+ years and thought it was for babies until I explained that just means it’s safe for children over that age to use. His sister got involved and they had lots of fun playing together - it all ended up very competitive!

We’ve had many matching games over the years but I have to say this one is by far the best quality compared to the cardboard versions. The little storage bag that comes with it is a perfect alternative to having to keep another box on the shelf, but also really handy for travelling with.

Zack previously had speech issues so we find games like this are the perfect toy to get children talking and engaging. Being made from wood, it's something that you could keep for years and will be still in great condition to hand down to younger family members due to the high quality.

Zack Reviews the Le Toy Van Memory Game
Archie Reviews the Le Toy Van Construction Cars


Tricia & Archie (5 years)  - Le Toy Van Construction Cars

Archie loved playing with this great construction set. He’s at the age where he uses his imagination all the time to create new ways to play with toys . Archie's twin sister joined in too and they had great fun playing together. These construction vehicles would be suitable up to 5 years old as they are bit basic for older children but great for the younger ones.

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