Shoe Fitting at Home

The importance of having properly-fitted footwear applies, regardless of age, but is never so vital as when you’re young.

Here at Trotters, we pride ourselves on the expert shoe fitting service available in all of our stores. (read more here) Sadly, during these challenging times, our stores have had to temporarily close, but this doesn't mean that your child has to suffer in ill-fitting footwear.

There are many resources available on the Expert Shoe Fitting Page on our website including a video of Lucie, our Trotters Turnham Green Store Manager, and her son Thomas, demonstrating a quick and easy way to measure your little one’s feet at home!

What you'll need: 2 pieces of plain paper, a ruler or measuring tape and a pen.

Step 1: Download our guide by clicking the image below: Measuring Feet at Home - A Trotters Guide

Step 2: Follow the instructions on the video & use the guide to easily convert into a UK or EU shoe size.

Step 3: Once you’ve confidently recorded your child’s shoe size you can then continue to purchase their shoes as usual from our online store,    

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