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Did you know that all of our Hampton Canvas Shoes are handmade in a family-run factory in Spain?

From start to finish, it takes 20 minutes to make each individual Hampton Canvas shoe using a traditional 30-step process. Lovingly restored, the factory uses original vulcanisation machines from the 1950s to bond the 100% organic cotton canvas upper onto the 100% natural rubber sole. These machines operate at an impressive 130-160°C and once bonded, all of the excess rubber is then trimmed off by hand which gives each shoe its own individual finish. A labour of love, each vulcanisation machine is hand-operated and is solely responsible for one shoe size. Although a slightly more time-consuming process, the benefits are widespread. In addition to avoiding the process of chemical vulcanisation which requires higher temperatures, long heating periods and leaves the presence of a strong chemical smell, it also makes for a healthier work environment. The machines don’t smell and neither do the shoes, with the exception of a fresh strawberry essence which is added directly into the rubber pellets for our signature Trotters scent!

Handmade in Spain - Hampton Canvas Shoes

Made in compliance with the Green Trade World certification, the production process is respectful of the natural environment from start to finish. We are happy to inform you that all of the 100% organic cotton canvas and 100% natural rubber we use for the soles is ethically sourced. So the next time you or your children slip on a pair of our comfortable, scented, 100% cotton Hampton Canvas shoes you can confidently wear them with pride in the full knowledge of how they were made and where they came from.

Extracting the natural latex rubber - Hampton Canvas Shoes

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