Experiencing The First Haircut

Before working with Trotters, I didn’t know that the ‘First Haircut’ was something to document. I was well aware that it would be something different and possibly scary for the poor little poppet, so I was more than happy keep those stray little hairs snipped by myself at home while he was reading a book.

After an introduction to the company and learning the story behind our kid's hairdressing service, how the idea came about due to our owners' child’s first haircut and the disaster that it was. I learned about the care in hiring hairdressers (Trotters have fully trained hairdressers who have previously been nursery workers, teachers and even worked with additional needs children), seeing the fish tank – the ultimate distraction tool, and learning of the First Haircut Certificate. It was hard not to resist experiencing the ‘First Haircut’ ourselves. Down went the scissors for the occasional tidy-up snip and I let that hair grow. Now aged 20-months, he had a good two inches of length on top, next to nothing around his face, straggly wings over his ears and a matted bed-head birds nest in back. It was time.

Haircut - before

Matheson is fairly easy-going, if I explain to him what is going to happen he doesn’t make much of a fuss. However, over these 7 months of working with Trotters, I learnt very quickly that no two haircuts are the same. The most laid-back, carefree child can suddenly scream like a banshee at even the sight of those hairdressing stools, luckily, most children are calmed easily and if not, distracted by the fish, the bubbles or by reading a book. I had no idea how this was going to go.

I booked my appointment online for Turnham Green, I ticked ‘First Haircut’ and I turned up slightly early to introduce him to the store and the fish (and Kellie, our Hairdresser). He sat down… ‘Ooo… Fish!’… Okay, this is going alright so far.


All was going well until the cape went on, who would have thought the cape would cause distress. I didn’t realise how this was heading until Kellie passed me a book and said you better read this… a vehicle noise book, excellent choice! Matheson, although slightly concerned what was going on behind him, was more than happy to show that he knew a few words and matching the vehicle to the button.


Before I knew it, the haircut was complete, stray hairs were blown away without as much as a flinch from the boy, styled smartly with some yummy smelling Original Sprout Hair Gel, a sticker was stuck on, a chocolate coin was being consumed and a brand new Yellow Lamborghini was being chosen while the certificate was being filled in and a lock of hair saved.

Haircut - After

It’s safe to say that we will be returning to Trotters for our haircuts in the future!

X Amy

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