DIY Easter Nests

Making time for kid's arts and crafts is a great way to keep young brains stimulated while creating fun things to do to pass the time. Here is a simple DIY project that is not only fun for your little ones but will teach them problem-solving skills and instil a love of nature and the outdoors.

Materials Needed To Make DIY Easter Nests

You will need a few basics to do this project at home. These are good staples to have in the house so that you're always ready for arts and crafts.
  • White “school” glue and a medium-sized container to pour it into.
  • Lots of string in a variety of colours and sizes.
  • Shredded paper.
  • Decorative or real grass.
  • Decorative or real feathers.
  • A balloon and a “nest” sized bowl.

Step 1

Have your little one blow up a balloon to match the size of the bowl. Help them tie a knot in it and place it in the bowl, making sure it’s standing upright.

DIY Easter Nests - Step 1 DIY Easter Nests - Step 1

Science tip: Ask your child if they’ve ever seen a bird with a stick in its mouth? Explain to them that this was because she was building a bed to lay her eggs on and a nest to keep her baby birds safe until they are big enough to fly away.

Step 2

Add a large amount of white glue to a medium-sized container and thin it out with water if needed. Use a ratio of 1:1 to do this.

Step 3

Show your child how to glue the string, paper and other decorative items to the balloon. Do this until you feel that they are confident enough that they do not need your help.

Step 4

Once the balloon is completely covered on one half, set it aside to dry for 4 hours. Your little ones might have trouble waiting. You can use this as a learning moment and ask them how long do they think real birds take to build nests? The answer is 3 months!

Step 5

Once everything is dry, pop the balloon and Voilà, you have a beautiful realistic nest to keep all of your Easter eggs safe and in one place. Let us know if you do this great kid's arts and crafts activity at home.

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