Decorating Christmas Jumpers

This year, for Christmas Jumper Day, we're looking for more creative and sustainable ways to take part and show our support for our partner charity, Save the Children.

Save the Children have created a wonderful crafting kit that you can use to upcycle a jumper you already own or alternatively, select your favourite Trotters Jumpers, add on the craft kit and decorate away!

For a fun rainy-day activity, we asked Matheson and Isabel to give our Augustus and Baby Augustus Jumpers a festive makeover. Matheson (aged- 5) was so excited about the activity and Isabel was delighted with the results.


Matheson and Isabel in their Augustus Lion Jumpers
Receiving the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Crafting Kit
Matheson decorating his Augustus Lion Jumpers
The finished result - New Christmas Lion Jumpers

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