Mr. Trotter Goes to London

It was a beautiful day and Mr. Trotter climbed into his car…. to spend the day in London! Today was the Queen’s birthday and he wanted to deliver her a special surprise - a chocolate birthday cake, of course! As he drove through the city, he passed lots of famous landmarks. including the Tower of London. As he crossed the River Thames he passed over Tower Bridge and made his way to a very tall building called The Shard. Further down the river, he even came across a theatre called Shakespeare’s Globe where actors perform in the open air! Soon he found himself outside St. Thomas’ Hospital where he beeped his horn enthusiastically as a thank you to all of the NHS staff working to keep us all safe. As he crossed Westminster Bridge, he saw a very famous landmark called Big Ben, which is situated next to the Houses of Parliament - he was nearly at his destination! As he made his approach to Buckingham Palace he parked the Trotters car by the main gate, said hello to the Queen’s Guard and carefully dropped off his special delivery. Just as he was about to get back into the car and make his way home, he turned to see Her Majesty, The Queen standing on the balcony to give her friend Mr. Trotter a wave and say thank you for the cake!

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